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˹ѧ : .1044
˹ѧ : Regional Inequality in Thailand
Ǵ : Ż Ѳ ѧ ѵʵ
´ : Edited by Arayah Preechametta First published 2017 171 p.

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ӹǹҪ : 1132
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Chapter 1 Market expansion,political relationship and geographical inequality in the early Rattanakosin Siam: A theoretical perspective
Pornthep Benyaapikul

Chapter 2 Relationship between growth,inequality and poverty and pro-poor growth in Thailand: 1986-2011
Chaleampong Kongcharoen

Chapter 3 Increasing returns in provincial maufacturing production
Arayah Preechametta

Chapter 4 Dynamic global game with multiple signals: An analysis of network effect on urban development
Arayah Preechametta

Chapter 5 Not simply the local lads: The alternative view of community development based on the examination of community leaders'agency
Torn Pitidol


Regional Inequality in Thailand is the third book in the series of works that was drawn frome the Spatial Dynamics and the Persistence of Inquality in Thailand Project. The book investigates the hypothetical causes of regional inequality in Thailand througt the works of five separate paper. There are totally five key hypothetical causes of regional inequality intensively studied by these paper: the structure of the political relationship, the rising trend of economic growth, the high level of industrial concentration,the positive network effects of urban development and the twisted role of community leader as a development broker.